Lincoln Day

Lincoln Day

JOIN US for a fun evening celebrating our local Republican Party and elected officials!  This year’s Lincoln Day Dinner will be held on Friday, DATE, at the ??????????  Dinner starts at 7 pm with a VIP reception starting at 5:30 pm.  If you cannot attend, we ask that you make a donation to support our local party.

We are pleased to announce that our featured speaker will be ????????

The caterer for this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner will be ???????

Please note that this is a private event and closed to the media.  The Morgan County Republican Party reserves the right to cancel anyone’s registration and refund their money.


This event has been “SOLD OUT”!

State law requires us to collect and report the full name and address, principal occupation and full name of the employer of individuals who donate to the campaign. Contributions by corporations and labor organizations are limited to $5,000 annually; contributions by individuals, LLCs and political committees are unlimited.

Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions.  Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.