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The Republican Party of Morgan County

Promoting Local, State and National Republican candidates, by supporting principles and goals of the Republican Party. Morgan County has a rich history of of Conservative values that the Republican Party exemplifies.

The Morgan County Republican Party is located in Morgan County Indiana representing communities like Martinsville, Mooresville, Brooklyn, Bethany, Paragon, Morgantown, Eminence, and other unincorporated areas of the county.

Limited & Responsible Government

We believe that government is intended to protect its people without intruding into their lives. The purpose of government is to protect our liberty, our safety, and our freedom to become whatever God has intended us to become. Limited government is good government.

We believe we should live within our means. We support balanced budgets, low taxes, and keeping government spending under control. We believe government regulations should be reasonable, effective, and restrained.

Free, Fair, and Transparent Elections

We believe strongly in the right to vote without undue burdens from the government and that the safety and security of our elections is paramount. We applaud past efforts by Republican secretaries of state, legislatures, and governors to ensure Indiana is at the cutting edge of election integrity efforts nationwide — including Indiana’s Voter ID law and requirement of voter-verifiable paper audit trails — among other reasonable security measures. We will continue to fight to maintain Indiana’s place as a national leader in election integrity, and we encourage states across the nation to follow our lead.

Individual Liberty and Freedom

We believe personal liberty and the freedom of each individual is a foundational right in our society, and that we should be free from intrusive government interference and poor, ineffective or unnecessary regulation.

We do this for the people of our community of Morgan County.

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